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Background of Parrish Realtors: A bit about me and my journey in business, contract negotiation and, most importantly, real estate...

I grew up in Central Texas, where my father and brothers were builders, moved to the Dallas area to sell real estate investments near the DFW Airport and study at The University of Texas at Dallas. Upon completion of a Bachelor of Science in Business, real estate became my hobby. I began working in the cable television industry where I held senior executive positions with networks and video technology companies. During that time, I purchased, remodeled, updated and sold numerous properties and even tried my hand at building. I knew I would eventually launch my real estate brokerage in the Dallas area. I am now delighted to work with buyers, sellers and investors and use my diverse experience and skills to meet their unique sets of interests and needs.

Real Estate Professional with Diverse Expertise


Lora Thomas

Elaine is an excellent realtor. She helped me sell my townhome in Carrollton. She has expertise on both the market and on the process. She gave me good advice on how to show the property. She helped me connect with contractors to complete the needed repairs. She communicated well with both me and teh buyer's agent. I highly rcommend her!


Zoltan Papp

"Elaine has always treated us like family and looked after our best interest. Best thing is how educational the home buying process ended up being, thanks to her expertise.  Looking forward to our next home purchase experience”

Joanne Price


“Elaine was the perfect choice to help me with the sale of my home in Richardson. This had been our family home for many years. We relocated to California and this home became a rental for several years. When I came to town to see the home, it was in very bad shape, and I was pretty much lost as to how to go about the process given I was now an out of state owner. Elaine was very knowledgeable at not only real estate sales but also contracting. She guided me as me as to what was fair market value for services, connected me to contractors as well as met them at the house when I couldn't. She kept me from spending too much or too little on the home as I prepared it for sale.


We had multiple offers and Elaine helped me sort through them and decide the best choice for my situation and get it closed. I highly recommend Elaine whether you are listing or selling. She is knowledgeable, experienced and truly cares about her clients."

Dennis Charles Lang


"Ms. Parrish assisted me in finding my home. Through her efforts I was able to obtain this property at a very fair and reasonable price. I travel and work in London and was in London at the time of closing. She arranged to have my sister represent me to sign the required documents.


The property needed a substantial amount of work to bring it up to the standards which I wanted before moving in. She helped me find contractors to do painting, remove ceiling popcorn, install granite countertops, redo master bathroom with penny tile flooring, glass shower wall, new mirrors, lighting fixtures, rebuild kitchen new counter tops, appliance, plumbing fixtures and recessed lighting.


She had my courtyard redone, removing deteriorated wood decking replacing with a beautiful concrete patio with flower beds.


90% of the work was done while I was in London. I checked to see what others had paid for upgrades done. Ms. Parrish was consistently able to get quality work done at lower costs and my total expenditure was just under $30,000.  If I had tried to do all this myself, I estimate it would cost me probably $42,000 to $45,000. Ms. Parrish does outstanding work, knows construction and knows how to speak to contractors and get the job done under budget and on time.”


Kimberly Montini

Elaine is awesome! She came highly recommended and we couldn't be happier with the result. She has a solid network of support individuals who also helped make our home buying experience to be very pleasant and successful. She's very knowledgeable and gives great advice. You can't go wrong with choosing Elaine.


Mary Buckley

Elaine was great to work with. She offered contacts for a competent inspector / contractor. Being from out of town she provided a great deal of knowledge about the area.

Nora Campbell


Elaine helped me to buy my house in Farmers Branch. She listened and paid attention to my requirements in the search for possible houses for me to look at. She guided me through the negotiation and had all the connections to assist me in getting a mortgage, home inspection, appraisal, title company, etc. whatever required to get me the house and push the closing go smoothly. She made proposals and gave me ideas, but always encouraged me to make the final decisions. Couple years later, she assisted me again in selling the very same house. The first offer fell through because of the buyer’s finance issues but she was quick to get things going again so the house was promptly sold. Again she was there every step of the way, from negotiation to closing, from getting my house upgraded and prepared for putting it for sale and possible showings. I wholeheartedly recommend Elaine’s real estate service to everyone.


Lora Thomas

Elaine did a fantastic job helping me sale my townhome in Carrollton. She guided me through the process and had excellent expertise on both the market and the process. She went the extra mile in helping me show the home well and in connecting me with good contractors to help me make the repairs   required. She communicated very well with both me and the buyer's agent. She is an excellent realtor and I highly recommend her.


Alexandra Wischkowski

This was my first time buying a house, and Elaine was extremely helpful. She made sure to keep me on the ball, letting me know what to expect, and when. She helped me get a great deal on my new home. I couldn't be more pleased with her service.

Susan Morrow


Elaine is an amazing real estate professional! Knowledgeable. Accessible. Thorough. Patient. My husband and I had not "house hunted" for almost 25 years. While we knew various real estate agents, had reached out and talked with them, we had yet to connect with someone whom we felt could help us. I   met Elaine through a social/business group. She and I instantly connected. From the moment I mentioned that it was time for Earl and I to "right" size and find a home in Dallas, Elaine immediately offered to guide us through the process. For three months, each day, Elaine checked on potential properties, emailed me respective information to review, and took me to those I selected. Ultimately, we found the home we wanted. Elaine was there "every step of the way" and continues to be here for us. She is the best!


Petra Hamman

Elaine has an easy, no nonsense type personality. She also has many good ideas and contacts to assist with the presentation of your home, if selling. She is very prompt to reply to texts, emails or calls. She definitely goes the extra mile in all areas. A pleasure to work with!!!

sara buckely.jpg

Sara Buckley

I am so glad that Elaine was my realtor! As a first time home buyer, I had so many questions pop up - and Elaine was right there to help me through all of them - she is extremely responsive and on-top of all of the details. Elaine helped me find my perfect home and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking.


Atlas Cheek

Elaine displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge of the market. It was obvious that she had a lot of experience by the way she met challenges and conducted herself. She and I were often on the same wave length as exemplified by her suggestions in the negotiations with the buyers. I couldn't have gotten a more competent real estate agent.

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